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God giveth tenfold

Posted on: September 6, 2013

I spent half my childhood and adulthood hearing this saying from my aunt. And it was until recently that I realised that she was telling the truth. A week ago I was having my hair done, by someone who has become very close to me, and I had my children with me.

They were obviously in the way and demanding my attention. Out of frustration, I said to her “You know when they say God giveth tenfold, this is a classic example of that. I spent half my life asking for someone who would love me and I was the centre of their universe – and here I got just that!”

And what started off as an irritation, turned out to be my moment of clarity. God had answered my prayer. I asked for one, he gave me three, and then I started counting, and I realised, but wait..there is more!

This is a tribute to all of you who, who played and continue to play an integral part in who I am today and will be tomorrow.

Love you


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