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I am church hopping..

Posted on: September 9, 2013

In my old age, I am trying something new. For the past year I have been going to different churches – trying to find one that suits my make up. Two have come close – but they are too far to travel – petrol is R13.32 a litre. And they don’t preach in Sesotho and I don’t know their hymns. There is something about praising the Lord in your language. 

Well my recent visit was Rhema Church – despite my reservations, I went. My friends convinced me to give it a shot. All preconceived notions etc out, I went open-minded.  I was with my son and daughter – I need to do right by my kids. So my son being his cute self- was making all the right cute sounds – admittedly a tad high pitched – but am praying his voice will break. He is even clapping for Jesus on cue – if you have ever been to Rhema, you will know that they clap for Jesus.

I look up and the usher is standing by our row calling me and him out. I am sitting there thinking she is going to hold him – which is a common feature in my life now, strangers just walk up to me and ask to hold my son. This was not to be the case. This lady had no smile on her face (for someone who was clapping for Jesus to seconds ago) and asked us to go to the mothers room until my son calmed down. What ugly treatment is that I thought.

After spending sometime in the holding cell called the mothers room – twice now- I started thinking – what kind of church forbids its most innocent members the opportunity to be in that atmosphere. Churches are made up of loud screaming happy children. When did we get to a place where those sounds were an annoyance?

I can’t go back to Rhema cause now my option is to leave my child behind, and he is one of the reasons I started on this mission.

Please can you helpI am looking for a church that is:

1. Accepting of all its members

2. Preaches in Sesotho at some point – or there must be a fair mixuture

3. Has the old good common hymns

4. Ideally not too far

let me know…


2 Responses to "I am church hopping.."

How far are you in your church-finding mission? i am starting on that mission as well and hoping i can just jump on your bandwagon?

Not far enough – any suggestions?

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