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Posted on: September 18, 2013

Following a conversation with a colleague about my son still breastfeeding, she sent me a Time magazine’s article on mother’s who breastfed way past the date – well I think that was what the article was about – did not get to read it – but the cover had a woman with a 10 year old on her boob, enough said, I decided to put an end to this madness.

Not wanting to procrastinate, I decided to wean him off last night. We are both very stubborn people – but I have a few years on that boy – so not sure if I won, but I started the process. In the middle of this battle, sometime after midnight – daddy was woken up – who advised that such activities are best left for the weekend, “Because we are going to be cranky at work tomorrow from sleep deprivation” He then headed for the couch to make sure ‘we’ salvaged what was left of the night. No ‘we’ or ‘us’ in partnership, that is one thing for sure.

While trying to show this little shit head (my son) that I meant business, I have been sleep deprived since I came back to work in January- so what is one more night;-) I started thinking of the service delivery protest I found myself stuck in last week in Kya Sands. You would not have heard of it – it did not make the news – I looked. The police were there, trying to keep calm and not shoot anyone, we all know how that ends up – the traffic was redirected. I live a few street away from Kya Sands so took a short cut through the neighbouring squatter camp. Had to drive through Kya Sands and noticed the damage that had been caused by the protesters. Just out of interest, how angry must you be to pull out a concrete dustbin out of the ground?

Anyway, so while trying to find my way out of Kya Sands and into the squatter camp that I don’t know what its called, it was unreal. Kya Sands and the squatter camp with no name were chalk and cheese. Have you read the book, ‘There are people living there’ its about a people that society had forgotten and they just kept on going.  There were multitudes of ‘shacks’ made out of plastic bags – which had people in them.  Shit is so tight, that people cant even afford to have proper shacks.

These people’s protest did not make it to the news – you know what they say, if you don’t want black people to know about it, put it inside a book – but that white dude that went to spend a month in Mamelodi to get the ‘experience’ made it on the news. So he got the attention, he was on national radio stations and being asked what it was like. Take a fucking walk oops drive around any squatter camp and you will know. I saw this man being interviewed last night about his involvement in the protests and he said “I am hungry”

Then I started thinking about the millions of Rands that have been looted by our public servants. Every second day now you hear of another official that was found in the midst of some corrupt deal worth millions. Millions. Are these Zimbabwean dollars. It makes no sense how someone can spend R200 million on a house when people are living in shacks made out of plastic and no one says anything about it. Shame on those public servants who have been found with their fat fingers in the cookie jar – shame on you.

But shame on us tax payers for saying nothing and turning a blind eye. I understand though, we can’t say anything about corruption in this country lest we be seen as racists. I know I am going to get my fair share of the lynching. I have made reference to two things we don’t take lightly in this country,  JZ’s sexuality and racism. Say whatever you like about South Africa, we do not tolerate those who poke fun at JZ’s sexual prowess and we cant stand racists – ask that lecturer from Pretoria University.

Well salvation is in sight, while driving around the squatter camp with plastic houses – I saw posters getting everyone ready for the big day next year – reminding them to make that mark for a better life for all.





5 Responses to "#Irony"

A refreshing read Thandi, I’m just cracking because you called Lesego “this little shit head” besides that I agree that the majority of citizens willingly share in a collective ignorance of an obvious fact ( we have good policies and laws but we have horrible leadership), despite them individually recognizing the absurdity. Next year the majority of South Africans will vote for the same people again.

I always wanted to say that in public, well said………………

I had forgotten how your mind tends to wonder. Miss you my best man. Don’t listen to crazy peeps, Lesego is too young to be weaned off the bottle.

when I was a kid I saw other dumbass kids with razor cuts on their thumb fingers to stop them from sucking them.my suggestion is that you razor slice your…aaarg nevermind.slagush is right the majority will still vote because we don’t know better.all the anc has to do is play sarafina before the elections

I can speak same words tsa Sluggah… We are dumb ass ignorant … Blah blah blah but hosala kore raya moo lineng lol hao mm

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