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There is new sheriff in town

Posted on: October 22, 2013

Last night I had to go to Douglasdale Police Station – too long a story and not the point of this exercise. Upon arrival there were already six people in front of us, all filling out accident reports. If you have ever filled one of those out – you will understand what a cumbersome exercise it is. Nonetheless, the police officers in charge were nothing but helpful and entertaining. I know you are probably thinking a police station where all hands on deck? Yes it is true – I saw it with my own eyes.

When it was my turn approximately an hour later, there were two other people next to me being assisted. While we were being assisted, in walked this woman with an incomplete accident report that she needed completed– and did not ask nicely – she actually demanded to be served.

‘I know bitch aint talking to me like that!’ I had the privilege of understanding what those three ladies were saying to each other as they ignored and refused to help her. Eventually, she was passed a blank form and told to tell the person, who was involved in the accident – which was in hospital and unable to walk – to “Fill it in and bring it back when she/he can walk” FYI – Insurance companies require the case number 24 hours after the accident – something they made sure everyone before this woman was aware of and something they neglected to mention to this woman.

Many of us have parents and grandparents that had to do menial work; and suffer the abuse from their employers. My grandmother was a domestic worker, Julius’ mom used to be a domestic worker, Jacob Zuma’s mother was a domestic worker. When my grandmother used to tell me stories about the treatment she got from her employers – I used to be filled with nothing but rage.

So now in the liberated South Africa – bitch you are not talking to me like that. The ANC might not have delivered much on the economic freedom, but they sure did something right, they made sure that no one ever gets to trip like that – and get away with it.

And white people need to understand this and quick fast. In a country of 51million odd people, 49 of them black, I am writing this article in English. We do business in English, you are served in English – get a grip.

As a start, for improved relations a few tips:

  1. Say hi
  2. Say please
  3. Ask nicely
  4. Treat  people with some respect
  5. Learn a word or two of the 9 out of 11 languages
  6. Drop the attitude   

Going off on these free people is asking for unnecessary trouble. It will get you nowhere – fast.  


1 Response to "There is new sheriff in town"

I’m glad you wrote about this. Earlier this year I worked in an environment filled with Caucasians, soon I realized that they didn’t greet me or any of my black colleagues.

First I thought it was racist behavior, but I soon found out that their reference to black people was their helpers which they have a “need to talk to” relationship with. To most white people this is what they see, irrespective of your socio economic status or level of education. Besides this they are nervous and uneasy because of the separation and ignorance that continues today.

Our parents were denied a decent education and discriminated against in the workplace, they often had no alternative to a lifetime of gardening, child-minding, cooking and cleaning. That legacy has been swept away and a new black elite is wearing the employer’s suit but we are still Boys and Girls to the Madams and Basses of this world.

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