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Some people are unconsciously ignorant

Posted on: December 9, 2013

The news of Nelson Mandela’s passing has finally sunk in. It reminded me of W. H. Auden’s poem ‘Stop all the Clocks’.

So here we are, four days into his death and over the past three days we were reminded about what the man fought for – an all-inclusive South Africa. On Friday, 6 December, three people made three ignorant statements about Nelson Mandela. One I reminded that today, this moment, this time, is not the time you want to be ignorant, unconsciously so or not.  

We are going to take this week to mourn. And when we are done we must reflect and map out our future. Watching the documentaries on his life, I was once again reminded that an all-inclusive South Africa was the beginning – not the end.

So we mourn –and those who do not understand what the big deal is must keep quite. This is not the time to let your ignorance run free.


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i sense a lot of restraint in this blog

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