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Andizanga zodlala mna, andizang’zodlala

Posted on: January 14, 2014

Boy and Mandela

My December holidays were pretty quiet – but therapeutic. I went home to go visit my parents’ graves. It had been three years. Sitting on the side of my mom’s grave, I realised that 22 years down the line, I had been living to die.

People always say ‘Life is too short’, life has been nothing but short for me – you know what they say about a watched pot.  So I made her and myself a promise that I was going to start living.

My new lease on life has come with some challenges – mainly the need to be honest with myself and others. That is not fun – it’s like an alcoholic going through the 10 steps programme. In face a very close friend of mine said the first step is to forgive myself – as I am the one that I have cheated the most.

Secondly, there is the need to catch-up. I am now aware of how much I have taken for granted and what I have missed out on. One of the things is how little I have accumulated. This has been going on for a while – a few years back a friend of mine had come to visit my place and said my place looked like I had just moved in, and I had been living there for over three years! I had all the functional stuff but nothing that would require much packing should I not be there the next day.  Now I am making lists of things I need to get, of stupid shit, like buying a mop and broom for my house.

Lastly, I am going to be critical of who and what I surround myself with – I want to be around people who inspire greatness, share a similar vision and have the commitment to make it happen.

I know what I have not achieved in the last 20 years; I am really excited to see what I can achieve in the next 20 years.

Everyone must have a manifesto 😉


2 Responses to "Andizanga zodlala mna, andizang’zodlala"

I love this and I wish you every success and happiness.

Touching. You inspire me Ms Moticoe. I think truly I understand where you are now and where you’re coming from. I share the same views. I am looking for a forceful change of my life, they way I see it and the way it sees me back.

Living a closed toilet door life is damn outwearing.

I am happy to divulge that on Sunday I went to church… Monday I was in the gym. What a good feeling. I haven’t been to church and gym in a long time. I will say this is not me wanting to sound better on Thandi Moticoe’s blog. No! I am committing myself to all because I am looking for myself. This is my baseline project from now onwards and thats my manifesto.



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